Hi my name is Josh and I enjoy being able to help others with small repairs and changes to their properties. I have been offering my services since 2009 when I started working for a plumbing company. I was 20 years old, getting calls to clear drains and sewers, and repairing leaking pipes or fixtures. It was exciting to get out of my comfort zone, helping as many people as I could.

In the past, I have worked for companies ranging from brand new partnerships to nation wide franchises. Over these years I gained a significant amount of experience in the plumbing trade. I learned that working in a small service area is more satisfying because I feel I can make an impact by getting to know my community personally, and compete with large businesses; keeping the money local.

I purchased a very old house in 2015 that needed more than just a face lift; it had been severely infested with termites and dry rot damage. In just 10 months, I completely transformed the house into a safe, comfortable and beautiful home. The list of improvements is very long, but a few of them were framing new walls, sheet rock throughout, re-piped all water, gas, and sewer lines, replaced all windows and doors, poured concrete, graded dirt and landscaped front yard. I hired out for new panel and wiring, stucco, roof, and central heat and air. For trades I haven’t mastered yet, I know who to call.

I really enjoy what I do, the freedoms I have from choosing which type of jobs to take on, and which direction to take my business. If you are in need of handyman services, I am happy to hear from you and would love the opportunity to help!

Thank you Very Much!